Why is my drain clogged?

Dangers Of Tree Roots In Your Sewer Lines


Burlingame PlumberThe last thing a homeowner wants to deal with are damaged sewer pipes. Unfortunately, one of the main causes of damaged sewer pipes is tree roots. Trees like warm and wet areas and your sewer pipes are a pristine place for roots to thrive. This can be not only a real headache, but also a very dangerous situation, in several ways.

Tree roots that grow near and around sewer pipes will eventually invade the pipes causing clogged and even back flow of sewer contaminates. Toilets may become difficult to flush, sinks may start to stop up, and bathtubs may become slow to drain. You may even notice sewer material in an area of the yard. It will not be long after these things start happening that the pressure of the tree roots on the sewer pipes will lead to a break in the pipe’s joint somewhere.

If tree roots are causing a blockage in a vent pipe, a strong and pungent order will take over the house. While the smell alone would be awful to deal with, it is only a symptom of something much worse. The smell that is turning your nose is a dangerous gas caused from blocked sewer pipes. It contains both Hydrogen Sulfide and Ammonia, and can actually poison your blood stream with prolonged periods of exposure. At the very least, it can dish out viral, bacterial, and parasitic illnesses that could have been avoided by simply calling a plumber sooner.

Tree roots growing inside sewer pipes is a common problem in residential areas where people like to landscape. Evergreen trees are the most common root problems that people experience. This does not mean you should not landscape your yard the way you want to. It just means that calling a professional plumber to inspect your sewer pipes and correct any potential problem resulting from tree roots before the damage escalates to danger is extremely important. Tree roots growing in or near sewer pipes can be corrected a lot less costly by calling a plumber as soon as you notice even a hint of a problem!

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