How Long Does a Bathroom Repipe Take?

What to Expect When Repiping Your Bathroom

RepipingWhen people are considering having a bathroom repiping, the first question is always how long will it take? This is a very important question because people do need to know when to expect completion especially if they only have one bathroom in their house. There are many factors that have to be considered on the how long it will take. The size of the bathroom is very important and also how many pipes are connected. Another big factor would be how much damage has been done to the pipes prior.

Many people will have their pipes redone when there are very serious leaks. These types of leaks can cause your foundation to start sinking which is very dangerous. There are many trained professionals who can come in and get an idea of how much damage has been done and how long it will take to fix. These times can vary because people may have more severe damage then others. This process usually is found to take between one to three days all together.

The process includes removing any old pipes and then having to install a brand new plumbing system. Professionals will have to make sure everything is tight and secure. After the new piping is installed then the water can be turned back on to make sure everything is working correctly. The system will always have to be pressure tested and then always flushed out. After everything is complete there may be required patching to seal everything up. When all of this has been taken care of then an inspection should be done. Regular repiping would include installation of cold and hot water piping from all the fixtures and faucets in the house or building. With all this considered one to three days is a great amount of time to have everything fixed and ready to go.

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