Ride & Decide – Grow with Caccia Plumbing

Ride & Decide - Grow with Caccia Plumbing

Such a large number of incredible things occurring in the meantime, yet the “Ride and Decide” program takes the cake. We’re thrilled to announce that Caccia Plumbing has joined forces with PHCC of California and PHCC National Association to offer hands-on training and work experience through our plumbing #apprenticeship program. That way, you can earn while you get familiar with the profession.

We’ve been busy getting this stunning program off the ground and finally, it’s here! Together with PHCC of California and the astounding organizations included, for example, Scott Harrison Plumbing in Orange County, this program is at long last going live.

What is Ride and Decide Program?

Ride and Decide is a midyear program for high school students to explore the plumbing trade. They ride alongside with a master plumber for 30 days to understand the career opportunities.

It pairs up students with trade industry contractors to allow them to experience the trade while assisting in paid work functions during their mid-year school break. This program will likewise give the most recent and most imaginative training for high school students who want to pursue a career in plumbing. It helps them gain the skills they need to create long-term plans that help them build and grow.

What is the Mission of Ride and Decide Program?

  1. Offer alternatives through high schools and their administrators to support the students that either can’t choose or have not thought about what to do when they move on from high school to consider the service industry.
  2. Educate the students and their parents on the advantages of working in the business including:
    1. Competitive wages, get paid while you train.
    2. Seriously diminished training and educational fees compared costs associated with a traditional four-year higher education.
    3. Minimal career obsolescence as the general public will always dependably require plumbing, heating, and cooling.
    4. Expanded opportunities for professional success and owning your own business.
    5. Flexible hours and portability, where society is, our careers are needed.
  3. Organize a committed group including instructors, contractors, and managers that will devote the time and effort it takes to build up an effective program just as set up a method for keeping it dynamic and consistently productive. If properly initiated, promoted and managed, this program will be productive and hopefully to spread all through the state.

Why Caccia Plumbing?

We believe in treating our clients like family. We are dedicated to providing “Quality Service with Integrity” and to developing a future business based upon a nurtured reputation for client satisfaction and continuous quality management.

We understand the importance of fostering great relationships with our clients. That can only happen when we consistently deliver superior services at competitive rates. As a fully licensed and insured company, we’ve built an excellent reputation based on satisfied customers and referrals.

Our skilled professionals continuously participate in plumbing and customer-service training to stay ahead of the competition. Clients can trust that a highly skilled plumber will not only get the job done right, but he will leave the work area spotless.

Advance your skills and work with incredibly gifted individuals! See the nature of the work at Caccia Plumbing, and witness the devotion and duty that our plumbers put into their art.

So, what’s taking you so long? Come and join on our ride and decide program and be part of James Caccia Plumbing Family!

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