Luxurious Bathroom Redefined


Have you ever dreamt of having a luxury bathroom inside your home? You know having a classic set of tubs and sinks inside your bath space?

Nowadays, for most of us, we do not consider our bathrooms just “utilitarian rooms.” They become a special place where we can retreat to for personal-care and tending our personal needs. And with Caccia Plumbing, our expert staff will always make sure that your bathroom would look fresh, beautiful, and more elegant than it has ever been!

Hiring a plumber from Caccia can help you make your dream bathroom comes true. We’ll make sure that your fixtures are working, so you can enjoy your bathroom with peace and comfort. We are always happy to hook up fixtures you have chosen, or we can help to pick the best fixtures for your requests.

Here at Caccia, we only use high-quality tools, and for over 30 years of experience installing bathroom fixtures. Quality service ensures that your fixtures will last for years. Don’t take a risk and ruin your brand new fixtures because of a simple misstep from an uncertified plumber.

We know what it means to enjoy a room that you designed to fit your style, so give us a call today, and we will be out to handle your bathroom fixture installation and repair in San Mateo!

Common Bathroom Plumbing Problems

Dripping Faucets

A dripping faucet can be very bothersome and even annoying if you don’t know how to stop it. Not to mention that this will also make your water bill higher than the usual. Throughout regular use, your faucet can be loosened or wear out, which will cause a drip on your faucet near its handle.

Leaky Pipes

Leaks can be a nuisance. Though replacing a leaking pipe seems to be an easy job, but sometimes, it can be a very messy one. Consider calling a professional to deal with this problem to save you on your cleaning time. But until your plumber reaches your home, you might want to consider using a leaked tape and a compression clamp to deal with the leaks temporarily.

Running Toilet

There is nothing more frustrating than dealing with a running toilet. The constant sound of rushing water could be very annoying and inconvenient. Nobody wants to feel as though they are wasting water. And if you got this kind of problem and you don’t know what to do, or maybe you need help diagnosing or repairing the problem, call a professional plumber right away before it gets worse.

Slow Draining Tub

Most of the time, your tub starts slowly draining when it is full of hair. Cleaning out the debris can solve this kind of problem. But even when the tub is not draining slowly, you must clean it out regularly and remove any debris in the tub drain. Because left unattended for too long, it can clog the drain.

Sewer Smells

If you can smell sewer gas in your bath, it may be caused by a dry shower trap, broken drain pipes, a clogged drain, or an old toilet ring. It will always be best if you contact a professional plumber to identify its cause and properly deal with it.

Full-Service Plumbing for Your Bathrooms

Determining the best location for fixtures and installing all the plumbing can be a little bit complex. That is why Caccia Plumbers are here to do the job. Our services include:

  1. Bathroom plumbing
  2. Bath design
  3. Faucets
  4. Sinks
  5. Toilets
  6. Bathtubs
  7. Bidet and washlet installation
  8. Showers
  9. Pipes and fixtures
  10. Steam bath installation

We do all the work from installation to making sure the project meets your expectations. Our expert staff and experienced plumbers specialize in coordinating every phase of your design and creating the bathroom of your dreams.