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Going Green

Faucets & Water-Saving Toilets

Bathroom and Kitchen Faucets Built to Last.Water Filtration Systems in Burlingame

If you’re looking to create the perfect home environment for today and years to come, let us lend you a hand. We carry a wide selection of appealing, functional and durable faucets and to complete your home renovations.

From beautiful chrome and copper faucets to durable stainless steel sinks, we can help you select the perfect pair that will complete any décor.

Custom Kitchens and Bathrooms Deserve Custom Faucets.

When creating the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams, don’t settle for the standard faucet or showerhead system. Let one of our knowledgeable and friendly staff assist you selecting the perfect custom-made faucets.

Want to Keep More of Your Money in Your Pocket?

Water-saving toilets not only help California conserve water, but they help you save money.

According to the San Francisco Public Utility Commission’s Web site, a toilet is the largest water user in homes. Older toilets can use up to seven gallons per flush, while new high-efficiency use 1.28 gallons per flush.

“Upgrading to a high-efficiency toilet can reduce your total indoor water use by roughly 16 percent,” according to the SFPUC’s Web site. A family of four would save 20,000 gallons per year.

Now that’s a lot of savings.

Did You Know?

James Caccia Plumbing has installed hundreds of water saving toilets. Some of their qualifying customers were eligible for a cash rebate from the utility company.

Please give us a call today at 650-342-5363 for more information.

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