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Are chemical drain cleaners safe?

Reasons to Avoid Chemical Drain Cleaning Solutions to Unclog Your Drain


Burlingame Clogged DrainsAny work with piping is best left to a professional. Professionals are just that, professional; also they understand the danger to the environment with do it yourself drain clean chemicals, not to mention the danger to people, as well as the corrosive effect on piping and other important plumbing fixtures in the home or office.

First, there’s the danger to your home’s sinks, faucets, because of the corrosive agents in many of the chemicals found today. These chemicals will eat up the material your pipe are made of, especially metal pipes. Moreover, the HEAT emitted from many of these drain cleaners can severely weaken pipes, especially PVC, which is found in a large number of residential homes.

The effect on the environment these cleaners have is another reason it’s best to call a professional and avoid cheap, store bought drain cleaners. A great number of drain cleaners contain bleach and other chemicals that throw out gases, naturally bad for the environment. Moreover, they can seep out and get into ground, contaminating whole blocks.

Lastly, there’s the danger to humans when they handle these chemicals. If someone handling these chemicals isn’t extremely careful, a number of terrible accidents can happen. One danger is chemical splash back, which could result in eye and face burns, or even accidental swallowing. Another danger is breathing in the caustic fumes, a definite no for the fragile lungs and mucous membranes.

Of course these are the more pronounced problems with using cheap, at home chemicals for your clogs. There are yet more reasons, and any one of the above mentioned or NOT mentioned should be carefully considered before spending your hard earned money on these drain cleaners. Consider ALL the effects in making your decision, the danger, the environmental impact, as well as how it might harm other fixtures around your clogged pipe.

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