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Benefits of a Water Softener System

Why you should consider getting a water softener system


Benefits of a Water Softener SystemWater is called “hard” when it has an especially high concentration of minerals, mainly calcium and magnesium. There are many problems with hard water. For one thing, the extra minerals in hard water build up as a scaly residue in pipes, causing the pipes to clog. The residue is also a poor conductor of heat, meaning it reduces the efficiency of water heating systems. It can also damage and greatly decrease the lifespans of home appliances such as washing machines, coffee makers, dishwashers, and all other devices that use water. What’s more, hard water can cause dry hair and skin, and also leave residue on clothes and dishes. This residue comes not only from the excess minerals in the water, but also from soap that doesn’t completely dissolve. This is because the excess minerals in hard water react with soap and prevent it from lathering.

The best solution to all these problems is a water softener system. Other options, such as filtration systems for drinking water and packaged chemicals for laundry water, also exist. But water filtration systems are expensive and limited only to drinking water, and packaged chemicals make water unsafe for drinking. Water softener systems, on the other hand, soften all the water throughout a home. They use a chemical process to replace calcium and magnesium ions with something harmless, usually sodium. The amount of sodium added by the system is extremely low, and so it does not pose any health threats.

A water softener system can greatly extend the lives of plumbing systems and household appliances, and also help them to operate more efficiently. It can make heating systems more efficient and reduce heating bills. It can make dishes and clothing easier to clean and leave hair and skin feeling soft. It also helps soap to lather more easily, meaning a lot less soap is needed for cleaning.

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