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Broken Faucet? Might Be That Time for Replacement

Faucets and Sink Fixtures Damage and Solutions


San Mateo PlumberWhen to Replace a Faucet

How often should a faucet actually be replaced? This is a question that may have several different answers. It might depend on the water that is running through it. In some areas the water has many minerals in it.

The minerals may then build up on, and around the faucets. The build up may give an unappealing appearance to the faucet.

The other reason that many people change a faucet and get another style is because they would like a new look in their faucet area.

This is for improvements. A faucet is a sturdy piece and may last a long time. There is not an answer to this question that is set in stone. It may also be replaced if damage occurs to it.

The Signs of Faucet Damage

Every faucet should be running efficiently and at peak performance. A faucet fixture will play an important role in the comfort and design of the area that they are in. These areas include shower heads, toilets, and sinks.

These faucets and fixtures do add to the comfort of every home. These items should be maintained and not damaged. There are some issues that will be considered to be a warning sign of faucet damage. These include:

  • Leaking –  if a faucet has any leaks or a simple slow drip then this is considered to be a sign of faucet damage. The flow of water from a faucet will raise a water bill. It can cause other types of damage too.
  • Wear and Tear is a Sign of Damage – If there is rust on a faucet or if there is low water pressure this will cause the faucet to break down. The faucet will not function properly or effectively. Oxidized faucets and shower heads may even be considered dangerous. The water that leaves these fixtures is used for daily life and damage can be unhealthy and unsafe.

San Mateo Faucet and Sink FixtureAvoid A Broken Faucet in the Future

There are preventative methods that can be taken in order to avoid having a broken faucets in the future. Avoiding this will also save money in the long run.

  • Have any leaks fixed right away
  • Replace when corrosion builds up
  • Good cleaning care

The best way to avoid a broken faucet in the future will be to take care of any problems in the present to avoid a costly problem later.

Having the proper faucet and sink fixture is vital for your San Mateo home. If this needs repairing, Call James Caccia Plumbing Inc. at (650) 376-6800, we have the best pair of experts to get the job done.

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