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Differences Between Tankless Water Heaters and Tank Water Heaters

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Burlingame Water HeaterWater heaters are used to heat the water supply that is distributed inside the household and used for bathing and washing. Water heaters use fire or heat conduction to keep the water in a warm or boiling temperature before it is used. There are two main types of water heaters, tankless and tank water heaters, which more or less have the same function but may have a slight difference when it comes to the main heating parts and the process of heating. Maintenance and proper cleaning of these appliances are very important to make sure that hot water is properly contained and distributed into the household.

Tank water heaters or storage water heaters are appliances that use combustion or fire to heat the water in a tank before it can be distributed. The gas that is being used to heat the water is piped along the system to avoid any leakage that may cause large fires. The tank type water heater has a storage division wherein the water is contained for it to be heated and can be saved for the next use. This tank also contains a draining faucet wherein the water can be removed from the tank. This type of tank can hold seventy five up to 400 liters of water and can be kept for a long period of time. Maintenance and regular inspection is needed for this type of tank since gases may leak and faucets may malfunction if left unattended. The advantage of this type of water heater is that it is affordable and can be installed easily.

The tankless water heaters, also called as instant on water heaters, are high powered appliances that instantly heat the water as soon as it passes through its heating device. This type of water heater only uses electricity and only when it is necessary. This type of water heater can be installed all throughout the household and can have one or more device. Unlike the tank type of water heaters, the tankless water heater does not have any limitation on the amount of water that it can heat. The advantage of this type of water heater is that it does not consume a large amount of space and does not need regular maintenance since it does not have any pipes that contain any harmful gas.

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