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Draining Your San Mateo Water Heater Can Improve Efficiency!

How to Drain Your Water Heater and Why

Replacing a water heater in your San Mateo home can be costly. Imagine having to replace the water heater every 8 years. The costs can quickly add up for a water heater. Water heaters are engineered to last for at least 15 years. By flushing and draining the unit regularly, a water heater can lasts well over 10 years. Maintenance is the key to extending the service life of your heater

SAN Mateo, CA awater-heater-servicesWhat happens internally to a water that hasn’t been drained?

Mineral build up in the tank diminishes the performance of the water heater over time. Gradually, the sedimentation that collects in the system begins to affect the heat transfer. When the heat transfer is affected, the heating process is partially disrupted. This means that more energy is required to properly heat the water in your home.

This ultimately increases energy costs in two ways. You’ll see an increase in your electric or gas bill since you have to wait longer for the water to heat up in the home. You will waste more water since you will be forced to increase consumption as you “wait” for hot water when washing dishes or showering.

What happens to the plumbing when sedimentation in the water heater accumulates?

The sediment causes clogging. The clogging can affect the drain valve. It can also restrict water flow, which affects the showerheads and faucets in your home. The sedimentation accelerates the wear and tear on your plumbing. This means that you will likely end up paying more for plumbing repairs as long as the problem persists.

How do you drain the water heater?

First, turn off the power or the gas. Once this is done, cut off the cold water supply in the home. Attach a garden hose to the drain valve located at the bottom of the tank. The drain valve that is attached to the hose should be opened. The pressure relief valve should also be opened. Once the unit is emptied, turn on the cold water and allow it to flush the sediment in the tank. The drain valve and pressure relief valve can be closed again. You are now ready to turn on the water, gas and power again.

Flushing the water heater decreases energy and plumbing costs while extending the life of your San Mateo water heater. With proper maintenance, your water heater can last anywhere between 15 and 20 years

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