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When To Empty Your Septic Tanks

Are you experiencing some unwanted incidents with your septic system?  Is it affecting your everyday use?  If so, you may be are encountering septic failure and you don’t want to face this messy problem for an extended period of time.
Septic tanks can function properly for more than 50 years if they are well maintained. Unfortunately, most homeowners do not know what the do’s and don’ts in taking care of a tank, and consequently, some septic tanks do not serve households to their fullest potential!
Septic failure is typically due to the waste that goes through the septic system. It begins in your lavatory and kitchen appliances like sinks, bathtubs, and toilets, and then travels inside the sewer line and into your septic tank. Moreover, flushing solid materials like baby wipes, tissue paper, and other non-flushable products down to a toilet can also be the cause for your septic system to fail.
Most septic problems can be avoided by regular inspections and maintenance. However, there are inevitable problems that will pop up. When they do, it can be a very stressful experience.  Dealing with a full or overflowing septic tank is one of those problems that you will want to deal with, instantly!  So, if you feel that something is just not right or you started to notice any of the following signs, it’s time to call in the professionals.  Here’s what you should look out for:

6 Signs It’s Time to Empty Your Septic Tank

Strong Odors

The first sign you will notice when it is time to call a professional is a foul odor. Disgusting gases are released from the waste in your septic tank. Once the level of waste raises close to the top, those gases will start to enter the air around the tank. Therefore, the first time you smell something disgusting or odd from your septic tank, take action right away before it turns into a bigger problem.

Gurgling in the Plumbing

If you don’t smell anything, you may hear something. When the septic starts to back up, you will hear gurgling within the pipes while you flush a toilet or wash dishes. This gurgling occurs because a blockage is blocking the proper air flow. Contact an expert to have the septic drained before any more unpleasant signs begin to surface.

Toilets Flush Slowly

When your septic tank is excessively full, your toilet may start acting odd. You might find that your toilet doesn’t fully flush or flushes very slowly and odd noises occur when you flush your toilet. These noises usually sound like gurgling or bubbling. Additionally, the water in your bathtub or shower takes much longer to drain than normal. These may be a sign that you have a clog, or that your septic tank is backing up.

Pooling Waters

Pooling water in your yard is never a good sign. If you see pooling water or soaked areas around your septic tank, your tank likely reached its maximum capacity. The solid waste starts to jam the system, and the excess liquid starts making its way to the top. As it does, it creates soggy patches, which will quickly turn into pools if not dealt with in a timely manner.

Faster Growing Grass

When your septic tank is having issues, the backed-up waste can make your grass grow at an accelerated rate versus the rest of your lawn. As you conduct your yard maintenance throughout the growing season, be assured to check on the grass near the septic tank so you will see if the thickness or growing rate has changed.


The most worrying signs of septic system failure are sewage backups because it means that wastewater is backing up into your sinks, bathtubs, or basement. When septic system failure causes major sewage backups, do not try to clean the mess yourself! Wastewater can be harmful to you and your family since it can be toxic. It is absolutely essential that you call in a septic specialist as well as your water company, straight away, to remedy the situation.

Remember, with septic tanks, prevention is always better than the cure. There is no such thing as being too careful with your tank. If you ever feel that it needs emptying, for whatever reason, call the professionals for help right away.
If you’re in need of assistance, you can always get help from the experts at Caccia Plumbing. We have professional technicians that are highly trained and experienced. Contact us at (650) 376-6800 to learn how we can help you, or to schedule an appointment, today.

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