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Factor Any Repairs Found During Plumbing Inspection

Factor Any Repairs Found During Plumbing Inspection

Before you append your sign on the final deal of buying your new home, it is important to know that every property or every new construction has some issue that should be addressed.

It also goes down to the kind of seller or agent you are dealing with about whether he/she wants to make any repairs or want to disguise flaws so that they don’t have to incur an extra cost of fixing the broken parts.

home-for-saleAs it is not always the best thing to trust the seller or agent that the house is in good condition, it is also advisable not to trust some inspectors who cannot give you the inspection you deserve.

For instance, a reputable inspector would admit a severe distaste for a new paint on a property because it is commonly used to hide problems that could have been caused by water damage. The leaking water can rust metal and still cause the wood to rot over time.

Inexperienced inspectors, on the other hand, can be fooled a fresh coat of paint which hides such issues. Therefore, becoming an inspector is not something you apply for, it is the kind of job that requires vast experience in the field to provide professional services to the clients.

Why Should You Inspect Plumbing Problems?

Purchasing a home is a significant investment for your family or yourself. It is not something people take lightly, and neither do you have the luxury of taking the process in a rush. As a buyer, what you need is a home that is safe, stable property and one that will not incur extra cost to fix things.

Therefore, before committing yourself to the deal, inspection is an important part of the process of buying including the plumbing. A professional inspection would recommend you to find a professional who have all the knowhow of inspecting homes.

The reason is that they understand precisely what to look for and where to find after many years of experience. However, it is also possible to do it yourself. If you can understand the whole process of inspection and you have the time, inspecting yourself is more advisable because it saves you the cost of inspection.

Tips to Look Out for During Plumbing Inspection

The following are some tips you should consider as you engage in the process of new home’s plumbing system.

checking-for-hot-waterSearch for traces of Lead metal- Before the 1980s, homes were developed using lead pipes. Lead is certainly a useful metal for various purposes including making paints and other products, but it is also known to be toxic. Therefore, lead pipes are something that should be avoided especially if you will be living the house with children.

Certainly, Lead should not be the deal breaker but before you finalize the deal, ensure the seller understand that you are uncomfortable with lead pipes, and they should be replaced.

Inspect the valve – The water supply valve is significant to the home as it is the gateway to the water you get in your home. During the inspection, it is crucial to find where it is located and make sure it is in good working condition. It is usually fixed by the water meter where the water line enters the home.

Once you turn off the water completely using the valve, it is time to go around and check around the home and turning on pipes to see if water will still run. Many people call it a simple problem, but it is one that could cost you much money in the long term.

Inspect the water heater system – the water heater is one of the things you have to check to determine whether it is working as required. Find out whether it is in a dangerous condition when it is old and rusty, or it has other issues. If the system is not working to its potential, you may be warming up for an expensive replacement or repairs that should take into account in the price of the home.

Common issues with hot water heaters include corrosion of the tank or any part in the reservoir, minerals deposits may have accumulated in the tank, and any other warning signs that the tank need replaced.

Check the sewage system – we all know that sewage problems are smelly, disgusting, expensive to collect the problem. The last thing you want as a new buyer is a house affiliated with sewage issues that are smelly. It is important to find out what type of sewage system is being used in the home.

For instance, if there is a septic tank, have all the required information such as its location, the size of the septic tank, the site of the lines leading to the tank, and the service history of the tank.

Take time to inspect the area of the tank and the lines resulting in the tank and find out if there are leakage issues, standing water or bad odors that can indicate signs of seepage. The important thing to note is that if there are issues, it is better to include them in the price of the home before finalizing the sale.

flush-the-toiletFaucets, sinks and toilets – Be sure to check whether the sinks, toilets, and faucets are working as required. They have to be fully functional, no leaks, or drips should be allowed. Ensure you test the flow of water through opening the faucets to the maximum and checking if the water goes down as required without any delay.

Check the toilet pressure as well. When you flush the toilet, all the water in the quantity needs to drain without leaving leftovers. If the toilet and sinks do not work well, it may mean that the drain pipes are clogged and which could turn out to be a serious problem.

Best Advice on Inspecting Plumbing

Properly inspecting a prospective home is crucial to detect any plumbing issues with the new home you are planning to buy. Ensuring a proper inspection helps you to know that there is nothing to worry about in the future of your new home.

To get a professional and appropriate inspection, it is always important because of negotiating the price of the home to cover the cost of plumbing.

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