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Find Ways to Make Your Bathroom Look Better

10 Ways to Beautify Your Bathroom

San Mateo Plumber One: Build Storage Space under Cabinets

If you have an old-fashioned bathroom without storage space, then install new cabinets under the sink. It is even possible to squeeze nightstands into a bathroom’s corner.

Two: Repaint the Walls

Homeowners are focused on painting living rooms and forget about bathroom walls. Choose a bright paint color instead of a neutral tone along with embellishing other elements in the room.

Three: Replace Faucets on Sinks

Faucets on sinks don’t last forever, and there are new modern designs that provide function and beauty. Faucets are available in several colors such as gold, pewter and silver in a variety of styles.

Four: Add Mirrors above the Sink

When getting dressed in the morning is difficult due to old mirrors with discolorations or cracks, then it is time to replace the items. Instead of a tiny mirror that is difficult for several people to use at once, install wall-to-wall or floor-length ones.

Five: Replace a Bathroom Sink

There are new bathroom sink styles that provide a designer appearance in a bathroom. In addition to beautiful shapes such as seashells, ovals or circles, you can choose gorgeous colors to complement other bathroom fixtures and walls.

Six: Install a New Bathtub

Bathtubs can last a long time but often begin to lose enamel, leading to an unattractive appearance. Replacing a bathtub is a big job that requires an experienced plumber to make sure the faucet and pipes are installed properly.

Seven: Add Shower Doors

If you are tired of replacing flimsy plastic or fabric shower curtains, then consider a permanent shower door made of metal, vinyl and glass. There are new opaque and etched shower door materials that are simple to maintain and difficult to break.

San Mateo Bathroom Remodeling 10.58.14 AMEight: Install New Toilets

When homeowners think about how often a toilet is used in a bathroom, it is no wonder the fixtures look awful. Visit a plumbing supply store to view the assortment of toilets in attractive designs and colors that improve a bathroom’s appearance.

Nine: Replace Bathroom Tile

Update the appearance of a bathroom by replacing ugly tile on floors and walls. There are a variety of tile materials available such as ceramic, marble and granite.

Ten: Buy New Linens

A fast way to beautify a bathroom is with new bathroom linens in gorgeous colors and designs that match or complement the other elements in the space.

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