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How can I make sure I’m hiring the right plumber?

Questions to Ask a Plumber before Hiring One


Burlingame PlumberBefore hiring a plumber it is necessary to ask the plumber some basic questions to give you a sense of whether or not you would be comfortable with hiring a certain plumber. The answers to these questions will provide peace of mind and clarity during the stressful times of home renovation or emergency plumbing repair.

The first type of questions you should ask are questions about the plumber himself. Asking how long have they been a plumber can give you a gauge of how skillful they are in their work. If they haven’t been in the field for long, it is better to ask where they were formally trained or if they had an apprenticeship to ensure they are properly qualified. In that same realm, you should also ask if they are licensed and registered with the state and if they belong to any professional associations to make sure their work is compliant with both the law and industry practice. Finally, you should ask them if they are insured so that if any accidents or unforeseen damage occurs during the work, the cost to fix it will be covered.

Once you feel comfortable with the plumber, you should ask a few questions about the plumber’s work. Ask your plumber if they give written warranties in case their work is not sufficient the first time. If you plan on having any major plumbing renovation done, always ask if the project will require a permit. Permits will require paperwork on your part and could lead to legal trouble if you do not have one when the project required it. Finally, always ask for an estimate on how long the work is going take so that both you and the plumber are on the same page.

Before you decide to hire a plumber, you may want to interview a reference who has had work done for them by the plumber. Ask the reference if they were happy with the project, if it was completed on time, if there were any unexpected expenses and if they would hire the plumber again.

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