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How Safe is Your Water?

Backflow Testing Could Save Your Family Member’s Lives

plumber_720Water contamination is a serious issue that ultimately could cause a painful, serious health condition or even death in you or your family members.

Many people believe that if they live in a developed area their municipality will provide a reliable source of clean drinking water for them. However, after you learn more about how the water supply and your home’s plumbing system works, you will see that the system is not foolproof and that a special plumbing service known as backflow testing is needed to keep your family safe.

How Your Home’s Water Can Get Contaminated

Even when the water from the municipality is well-treated, an issue with water pressure can result in contamination. Water pressure in the plumbing system can be impacted by something as basic as a leak in your pipes or in your neighbor’s pipes. It may also be altered by a water hydrant being drained or used or by a burst water main in the city.

When the water pressure in the system changes even a small amount, the flow of waste water away from the home could be altered. Rather than flowing away from the home, the waste water could flow into the fresh water supply. This can happen in a very short period of time, and your family could easily drink contaminated water without knowing it.

A Preventative Device

Because this type of issue is recognized and rather common, many homes are equipped with a backflow preventer. This is a unique device that monitors changes in water pressure.

If it sense an adjustment in water pressure, a valve is triggered that prevents water from flowing backward into the home. This function occurs instantaneously, and you likely will not even be aware that the device was triggered. However, it can prevent illness and even death through its function.San Mateo plumber

The Need for Testing

If you have a backflow device installed in your home, it needs to be tested periodically. Because it functions in a manner that is not evident to homeowners, it can be impossible for a homeowner to determine if it is working properly until illness from contaminated water occurs. The best way to prevent this from happening is to schedule annual testing through a plumber. The plumber can inspect the device and can make repairs or a replacement if needed.

Backflow testing may be a task that is easy for homeowners to overlook, but it is nonetheless highly important to complete. Contact a plumber to schedule an appointment for testing if service is needed in your home.

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