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How Should You Prepare for Drain Cleaning Season in the Fall?

How Should You Prepare for Drain Cleaning Season in the Fall?

Are you ready for drain cleaning season? If you’re not, don’t worry, there is still plenty of time to get it done. Fall is drain cleaning season because it’s convenient to have it done while you are completing your other fall preparations for your home.


It’s also ideal to get your drains cleaned before the busy holiday season to make sure they are running smoothly during your family get-togethers and holiday events.

No one wants to call a plumber for a blocked drain during the holidays.

What are the causes of clogged drains?

Even if you are diligent about not letting material get flushed down the drain, there is still a chance that a clog may form. Over the year, materials such as hair, skin flakes, grease, oil, food and natural occurring minerals in the water collect in the drain and create blockages.

clean-sink-drainWhen these materials collect, they stick to the pipe wall and begin to harden and become difficult to remove.

Clogged drains cause water to drain slowly or sometimes not drain at all. It’s a large inconvenience for homeowners and could be easily avoided with professional drain cleaning services.

How to Properly Clean the Drains

The media would have us believe that chemical drain cleaners that are found in hardware stores are the only way to clean a drain. Not only is this incorrect, but it’s also dangerous too.

Sure, liquid chemical drain cleaners are convenient and typically get the job done, but they also corrode your pipes and cause weak spots to form in the pipe itself. With repeated use, this could lead to burst pipes and other expensive repairs.

The best way to clean your pipes is with high-pressure water. Some experts may say that using a pressure washer to get the job done is adequate, but it’s actually better to trust a call-a-professional-plumberprofessional with this job. There is a delicate balance when finding the right pressure to clean out the pipes.

If the pressure is too low, the drains may not be as clean as you’d like them but if it’s too high, you could damage the pipe or cause it to shift out of place.

When Should You Call a Professional?

So if chemical drain cleaners are not recommended, what is a homeowner to do if they experience a clogged drain?

The simple DIY solution is to use your plunger on the blocked drain. The suction will gently dislodge the clog and get your drain running smoothly again. If that doesn’t work, then it’s time to call a plumber who can quickly and efficiently remove the clog and clean your drains, so they work reliably and efficiently.

The experts at James Caccia Plumbing Inc. can help with all of your drain cleaning needs. For fast and dependable service in San Mateo, CA, call (650) 376-6800 today.

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