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The health benefits of having a water filtration system in your home


San Mateo PlumberMost people don’t think they need a whole house water filtration system because they are either misinformed or even uninformed of its health benefits. Does it really make a difference to your health?

What’s Really in Your Unfiltered Water: an Unsettling Truth

Try the following experiment: make some ice cubes with unfiltered tap water as well as some ice cubes with filtered tap water. You will notice that the unfiltered ice cubes are foggy in appearance, while the filtered ice cubes are crystal clear. This is because unfiltered water contains loads of undesirable and even harmful substances – and we drink it everyday.

Homes that lack a whole house water filtration system are equipped with water that contains microorganisms, parasites, and even viruses that can cause sickness or disease. In addition, these unfiltered water systems (though treated) may contain trihalomethanes, which are byproducts of the typical home’s water system as it is treated with chlorine. Pesticides, herbicides, toxic metals such as mercury are also frequently present in the water of a home without a whole house water filtration system.

San Mateo Water Filtration SystemBenefits of a Whole House Water Filtration System

There are dozens and dozens of health benefits of a whole house water filtration system, but we just want to highlight a few to give you an overview of how switching to a whole house water filtration system can contribute to the health of you, your family, and anyone in your household.

With a whole house water filtration system, clean water is produced by every single water source in your home. This results in healthier bathing because it delivers scale free water. In homes without a filtration system, hard water minerals will build up on the pipes and contaminate any water that goes through the dirty pipes. A water filtration system will leave you with healthier skin and hair, and will even positively impact your dental hygiene. The chlorine that resides in the typical household can actually be harmful for your teeth, and a home with a whole house water filtration system prevents this!

There are multitudes of health benefits of switching to a whole house water filtration system. It can positively contribute to just about every aspect of your own and those of your household’s health. Keep checking back and we will teach you all about the powerful benefits of having exclusively filtered water in your home.

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