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Insightful Information About National Kitchen & Bathroom Month

Insightful Information About National Kitchen & Bathroom Month

Did you know that October is National Kitchen and Bathroom Month? The National Kitchen and Bathroom Association declared it so in 1982 as a way to help homeowners find the perfect time to renovate their kitchens or bathrooms.


Renovating these rooms adds incredible value to your home while also making chores and self-care a little easier and more pleasant. It’s encouraged to start this type of renovation in October since it really is the perfect month to get started.

Think about it: the kids are back at school and comfortable with their new routine and the hustle and bustle of the holidays is still a few months away.

Here are some tips to get the most out of National Kitchen and Bathroom Month:

Avoid Trends That Won’t Last

All you have to do is Google, “awful kitchen and bathroom trends” to get entire lists of horrible design ideas that were once popular. Mid-century ideas such as shag carpeting in the bathroom or avocado-colored kitchen appliances look seriously dated and funny in 2016. So how does one avoid investing in a trend that won’t last?

The best way is to simply consider your personal tastes and individual needs. If some trendy design aspects don’t fit, then it’s probably best to leave them out. A good idea is to choose one or two trends that you truly like and keep the rest functional and classic. That way, you won’t be spending money on something that will make you cringe in a few years.

Top Kitchen Trends for 2016

Some of our favorite kitchen trends for this include:

farm-sinkApron sinks: These sinks are not a new idea; in fact, they have been around for quite some time. Some experts say the apron sink is out, but we see it still gaining popularity for its practicality and strong design.

Commercial appliances: Nothing looks more impressive in a kitchen than oversized, commercial appliances. If you love to cook, these ranges, ovens, and refrigerators are the only way to go, and they complement almost any design.

Clean lines and technology: Simplicity is popular this year, with components like the faucet getting an architectural makeover. Technology is also incorporated, including things such as faucet automation and damping on drawers and cabinets.

Best Bathroom Trends for This Year

Renovating your bathroom adds incredible value to your home. Today’s bathrooms inspire a spa-like experience with thoughtful design and improved technology.

Some of the biggest bathroom trends include:

Stand-alone tubs: These tubs are often the focal point of a modern bathroom and are replacing the old standard of a built-in shower/bath combo.

Heated floors and anti-fog mirrors: Technology for the win again with these heated floors and anti-fog mirrors. Bathroom technology is all about inviting luxury and convenience into your home.

bathroom-vanitySquare or rectangular faucets: Smooth, organic looking faucets are out and angular, geometric faucets are in. These sleek, simple lines complement any modern bathroom.

Honorable mentions: Dual-flush toilets, shower seats, steam showers, open-concept shelving and trough sinks are all other trends currently having a moment in terms of bathroom renovation.

Shower or Bath: The Debate

If your bathroom is only big enough to accommodate a shower or a tub, you may need to make a decision about which you would prefer. Since built-in combos are not really in style anymore, you may need to choose if you are a shower person or a bath person.

One way around this decision is by splitting your tub and shower between two bathrooms in your home to get the best of both worlds.

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