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Is Your San Mateo System Secretly Leaking?

5 Signs You Have a Hidden Leak

Hidden water leaks can cause serious damages to your home. Unlike obvious water leaks, it is difficult to determine the origins of hidden water leaks. It is likely that hidden water leaks can go on for years without you ever realizing there is a problem. The best way to handle these leaks is to know the signs. Here are a few signs that might indicate you have a hidden water leak in your home.San Mateo Leak Repair Services

Floor Around Your Shower Area is Damaged

If you have a stand-alone shower, you might notice that your floor is buckling around the entrance door. This is a sign of hidden water leak. It can be caused by a damaged splash leak on the bottom of your door. In some cases, you have a leaking drain pipe under the shower floor.

Inside of Your Cabinets are Wet

The inside of your cabinets should be dry in your bathroom. However, if you notice standing puddles of water or moist cabinets, you may have a hidden water leak from the water supply line.

Your Toilet Moves

A toilet should be stable at all times. Toilets that rock back and forth indicate the wax seal has been broken. A broken wax seal will cause a toilet flange leak.

You Notice Unpleasant and Musty Odors

If you have an area of your home that smells unpleasant or musty, this might indicate a hidden water leak. Musty or earthy odors are signs of mildew, and mildew is caused by moisture.

You Have a Weak Bathroom Floor

Weak bathroom floors indicate that the wood is rotting beneath the tile. A floor that feels weak as you walk on it is a sign that it has been damaged by hidden water.

If your home has any of these signs, look at your past months water bills. Compare each bill to see if it has been unusually high. It has been reported that a home with four occupants should not use more than 45,424 gallons of water per month. Excessively high water bills should cause you to conduct an investigation of plumbing issues.

Plumbing leaks are not problems you want to fix on your own. A plumbing professional can fix any problems associated with hidden leaks in your home.

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