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Valuable Info on Kitchen & Bath Remodels

Valuable Info on Kitchen & Bath Remodels

Do you delight in watching the “big reveal” on home design shows on T.V? Have you ever thought about transforming your own home?

Two rooms that can have the biggest impact, both on the overall look of your home and on its value are the kitchen and bathroom.

Before you embark on these projects, it is important to do detailed planning. Here is some valuable info to guide you:

Things to Consider

Evaluate your current rooms to see if they make sense.

Do you have enough prep space and storage in your kitchen? Do you have a deep enough sink? Does the layout fit your functionality and the traffic flow?

In your bathroom, do the fixtures make sense or do you need to replace them altogether? Is it time to treat yourself to a deep soaker tub or luxurious rainshower showerhead?

Decide if you can use current footprints or if you’ll need to move walls to determine the scope of your project.

What’s your budget? Does your wish list reconcile with your finances? Prioritize your list. What is the timeline? How will you accommodate not having a bathroom or shower for that time period?

Choose your fixtures, colors, walls, tiles, grout, counters, cabinetry and accessories. Make sure to do accurate measurements. Sketch out a diagram to scale to make sure everything fits.

Hire Help

You need to count on great help for a great job. Beyond getting a good price, there are other criteria to meet.

To find the best person, start with word-of-mouth referrals. Do an internet search in your area. Read local design magazines.

Once you’ve compiled a short list, ask specific questions before you hire

  • Does the contractor have liability insurance?
  • What is their experience and track record with your specific jobs?
  • What is their policy for cleanup and work hours?
  • How do they choose to communicate?
  • Are they willing to put everything in writing?
  • Do they have any specific accreditations?
  • Is there a warranty on their work?

Eco-Friendly Upgrades

When you are in the process of upgrading your plumbing fixtures, why not choose ones that will look good and save you money down the road?

Do you know about water efficient dual flush toilets, low-flow showerheads and motion sensor faucets?

You can help the environment even more (and activate more cost savings) by adding a water filtration system right onto your kitchen faucet.

This eliminates the need for bottled water, which is expensive and very bad for the environment.

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