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Most Garbage Disposal Malfunctions Happen During the Holidays!

Giving Thanks For A Working Garbage Disposal On Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is one of the most popular family holidays of the season. To prepare the meal, it will be important for all kitchen appliances to work properly. This includes the garbage disposal. If a garbage disposal has not been properly operated or maintained, it can break down. This could cause a blockage in the drain and lead to an expensive San Mateo plumbing bill. There are ways to avoid a garbage disposal disaster.

San Mateo, CA Garbage Disposal ServicesStrainer

Using a sink strainer is a good way to stop something from getting into the garbage disposal it cannot break up. The wrong items being placed in a garbage disposal is a very common reason for clogging. Using a sink strainer is an effective and inexpensive way to keep the wrong things from getting into the garbage disposal.


A very cost effective method of cleaning a garbage disposal is with ice. It is able to sharpen the blades as well as break up any grease that has accumulated. Simply places a few ice cubes into the garbage disposal and run it. As the ice is chopped up, the difficult to reach areas of the unit will be scoured. It will then just melt down the drain. This should be done once or twice every month.

Run Regularly

A garbage disposal needs so be run on a regular basis. Even if a person doesn’t have anything to grind, they can simply turn the water on and run the garbage disposal. If this isn’t done, the parts in the unit can freeze up. They may even rust or corrode as a result of leftover food that is left inside and becomes hard. This can also lead to bad odors and possible clogs.

Small Pieces

It’s important to make certain items put down a garbage disposal are small in size. People need to realize their garbage disposal is only so big. The blades and motor used to run it are only so strong. It’s not a good idea to see if it can handle large pieces of meat, fruit or other items. Cutting the waste into small pieces and only putting a few pieces in at a time is a good way to avoid problems. When big pieces are used, the disposal can become jammed or clogged. It can even break down and need to be repaired.


Doing these things can help keep any San Mateo garbage disposal clean and operating. If there is a problem, it’s important to turn the unit off at the circuit breaker before attempting to removing anything from it.

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