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One Simple and Effective Way to Help the Environment!

Help the Environment and Yourself with Green Bathroom Remodeling!

Burlingame Bathroom Remodel Remodeling a bathroom to be eco-friendly is a quest for many homeowners. Once making the choice to remodel a bathroom, doing it eco-friendly is the best way to go. There are a number of ways to create a bathroom that is kind to the environment.

An environmentally friendly bathroom remodel will include cabinetry, vanities and any shelving or shower panels. Many bathroom cabinets and furniture items are available made from eco-friendly products. These are made of sustainable lumber, bamboo or wheat board. Bamboo is a perfect choice for a bathroom as it holds up will in humid conditions. The finishes should also be eco-friendly. Make sure that the finishing process is plant oil or water based and not harmful chemicals.

The lighting in a bathroom remodel is also a good place to reduce your carbon footprint. Bathroom lighting must be bright and inviting, but not waste energy. A little savings goes a long way when it comes to lighting.

Other fixtures in the bathroom should also be considered when reducing your carbon foot print in the bathroom. For example, adding towel racks and hooks that are made of recycled plastic, bamboo or other environmentally friendly products. Even towels and robes should be made of organic cotton or hemp.

Faucets and showerheads that reduce water usage are also good to include in an eco-friendly bathroom remodel. Many of these types of fixtures can reduce water usage up to half of normal fixtures.

Remodeling a bathroom to include an eco-friendly design is a great idea for anyone. There are many options for reducing our carbon footprint in the bathroom. Saving the environment with design choices will save on utility bills too. As more homeowners become conscious of how much they can reduce their energy usage and bills, eco-friendly design becomes more popular.

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