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Plumbing is Not a DIY Project!

DIY Gone Wrong

Three Plumbing Fixes that Can Go Very Wrong

Most homeowners try to take care of minor plumbing problems that pop up at home. A leaky faucet can be tightened with a wrench, for example.

An overflowing toilet can be unplugged with a plunger. While simple repairs may work for many people, sometimes things go terribly wrong. Here are three plumbing fixes that should be left to the professionals.

Leaking Pipes.

If you notice pipes that are dripping in the basement, attic, or elsewhere, it’s time to call the plumber. While you may feel that wrapping the dripping pipe with tape or cloth will fix the problem, it is literally just a bandage approach.

Whatever is causing the pipes to leak needs to be addressed. It could be corroded pipeline or a rusted connection. A professional plumber will know how to evaluate and fix the problem.

A Flooded Basement.

Although many homeowners clean up a basement flood on their own, this can be dangerous in two ways. For one, there may be electrical outlets that, when submerged in water, could cause someone to be electrocuted. Bacteria and mold can grow in stagnant basement water, which can pose health risks to the owners who try and clean up the mess.

A second problem that may result in cleaning it up yourself is the failure to address the primary cause of the leak and prevent the problem from recurring. A plumbing expert can do a thorough evaluation to identify the source of the flooding and ensure it is repaired.

A Backed-Up Sewer or Septic System.

When the sewer backs up in the basement, or if a septic system results in a toilet overflow, a bad odor will let everyone know the source of the problem. In addition to the inconvenience and smell, some sewer gases are toxic.

Anything to do with sewer issues or septic waste should be left for the professionals to handle. Proper tools and adequate protection are needed to do the job right, and most people do not have either. There is no reason to take risks when experts can handle the job competently and usually within quick turnaround time.

The next time your plumbing causes a major concern, don’t try to handle it yourself. Call the professionals and let a plumber take care of it.

If it is something a homeowner can handle, the company will tell you that over the phone. If not, it is best to have experts evaluate the situation and clean up the problem for family safety.

We’ve seen too many DIY disasters. Save yourself the headache and call the professionals of James Caccia Plumbing Inc. at (650) 376-6800 for service in the San Mateo area!

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