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Popular Things to Get Stuck in the Toilet

The 5 Most Common Clogs in Toilets

San Mateo Plumber1A toilet is one of the frequently-used areas in the home, making clogging quite common with these facilities. Clogs are a result of what is flushed down the toilet.

That said, it is imperative to understand what you can throw into the toilet and what you cannot. Here are 5 most common clogs in toilets that.


Having long and well-groomed hair makes a person look great. However, when you shave and knowingly flushes a lot of hair down your toilet, it creates net-like straps inside the drain.

This prevents a smooth flow of water and smaller particles, which eventually accumulate and cause clogging.

Soap Scum

Many people assume that soap scum dissolves quickly in water inside the toilet drains. This happens: when oil is put in the hot water, it dissolves but when the water cool down, the oil used congeals, making the drain clogs.

At first, the scum is soft but over time, it starts to harden inside the drain and, therefore, any small items that you flush down the drain will be trapped by the hardened scum leading to a complete blockage.

Sanitary Towels

Another common toilet clog is sanitary towels. These tampons are designed to absorb moisture and expand. When flushed down the toilet, they expand inside the drain and block the flow.

Some pads have plastic linings that cannot dissolve, and how easily the pads will clog your toilet depend on the size of these sanitary towels and that of the drain pipes. Call in your local plumber to solve any toilet clog problem.

Large Wipe

San Mateo Clogged-ToiletThough large wipes, such as a huge chunk of toilet paper, face wipes, paper towel and baby wipes are flushable, using them in large quantities can cause clogging.

Adding these items to the waste flow makes the problem bigger over time and eventually lead to massive clogging of your toilet drains.

Dryer Sheets and Diapers

Dryer sheets contain toxic materials that cause problems in the treatment areas. It can also cause clogging inside your toilet.

So avoid using them. This creates the same problem as the diapers. The size of a diaper in itself is a scare.

It can easily block the toilet drain when flushed. The safest way to prevent the problem caused here is to take them to the trash.

Fix any clog in the toilet fast. Call in your local plumbing company to unclog the toilets.

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