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Preventive Maintenance to Save Money!

How Does Preventive Maintenance Ultimately Save Me Money?


San Mateo PlumberThere are so many areas in life that illustrate the importance of preventive maintenance. For example, neglecting a slight decay in a tooth can cause a plethora of problems, when a simple visit to the dentist can halt that decline.

The cost of a porcelain filling is far less expensive than an entire new crown. In one’s home, paying close attention to the integrity of the roof, recognizing any weak areas, will allow you to make small repairs where needed.

Roofs WILL need to be replaced after a given number of years, but making intermediate repairs will push out that date, delaying the inevitable financial hit. Using the same standard of logic, any plumbing repairs in your home, when addressed at the first hint of trouble, will certainly save money in the long run.

A drippy faucet, a sluggish hot water heater or a trace of moisture under the bathroom vanity are inexpensive fixes but all have the potential to grow into major unexpected capital expenses.


Let’s go back to the dental analogy: Ignoring dental problems can affect overall health. It not only affects one’s appearance, but can actually exacerbate heart disease. A failure in one small part of your home’s roof can cause limitless damage to the structure below — beams, ceilings, sub-flooring, carpet — the list goes on.

Regarding your house’s plumbing, that list of consequences can be devastating. Floors destroyed, pipes burst, flooded basements and back yards are just the beginning. The unseen formation and growth of various types of mold is a direct result of unwanted moisture.

Not only is this daunting and costly to conquer, the health risks to the family are frightening as well. Sometimes these dangers lie unnoticed until either the family receives a preemptive “checkup” from their plumber, or the family begins to fall ill. Ruined irreplaceable family heirlooms and expensive computer devices are lost.

Portions of the house are rendered unusable until damages can be addressed, when a preventive maintenance visit from your plumber could have solved what was initially a small issue.
Developing a relationship with a trusted plumber is a great idea. Waiting until you and your family require scuba gear to the kitchen is not! A plumbing “well visit” will prove to be a wise and economical investment.

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