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Reasons Why a Trenchless Sewer Repair is Worth It

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Reasons Why a Trenchless Sewer Repair is Worth ItWhen sewer problems arise, it is often inconvenient, potentially harmful, and expensive. In the past a sewer line that busted, cracked or ruptured had to be dug up or excavated with a backhoe, and no easy way to locate the leak prior to digging. To repair a sewer line in this format could also require sidewalks, decks, and other landscaping to be torn up and then needing to be replaced adding more to the financial expenses of this type of sewer repair.

Today we have a new option that does not require all this damage, or digging saving some money and time. It is known as a trenchless sewer repair, and is offered by a lot of plumbers. One reason to go with this system would be based on distance needing to be repaired, the longer sections of pipe needing to be replaced the more trenching will have to be done and consequently more hours for the backhoe operator to bill out.
Another reason to go for a trenchless repair is less labor from the plumber, the trenchless repair takes less time and is easier to perform. An epoxy balloon is pushed/pulled through the pipes to the cracked and broken area, then is inflated to the correct diameter to match the surrounding pipe and allowed to harden forming the new pipe. This reason also aims at saving you money on the actual labor.

Another reason for using this method would have more to do with the landscaping expenses, as well as sidewalks, patios, decks and items along those lines. When you have to run trench around the sewer line your trench must go along the path of the sewer line. And since you put a sewer line in place before you do your landscaping it could end up being extremely expensive to replace all of those items depending on what you have chosen to do with your yard.
Lastly, reason to go with the trenchless repair is due to not needing to dig and removing the possibility of hitting other lines; such as gas, telephone or fiber optic lines.

We have years of experience in trenchless sewer repair technique and can complete your job at competitive rates within hours. Call us today at (650) 376-6800 for more information and set up an appointment today.

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