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Reduce Waste in Your San Mateo Home

Five Simple Ways To Cut Down Your Water Usage

Now more than ever water conservation is essential, especially in San Mateo! Here are some nifty tips and tricks to get you on the right track.

San Mateo, CA water-usage-tipsservicesDon’t Wash Your Hair With The Water On

Those who wash their hair feels the need to have the water on the entire time. More than likely the person is washing their hair while in the shower, and as long as the hair is wet, there is no need to have the water on while lathering the hair with shampoo. Turn the water off after the hair is wet, and shampoo the hair, wash it, and then the water can be turned on to rinse the hair out.

Buy Newer Appliances

Older appliances may not be good for water conservation, so it may be necessary to purchase new appliances that use less water or use water more efficiently, such as a washer, dishwasher or a water heater. Newer appliances can obviously help to conserve water, and it’s best to look for appliances that are labeled for its conservative use of water.

Time Your Showers

Who doesn’t like a long hot shower? Although it may feel nice to have a hot shower or even a cool one, depending on how you’re feeling, you may want to cut the showers down to a few minutes. If you time your showers instead of showering until you feel like getting out, then you’re likely to save gallons of water, and the water you save can add up throughout the week, especially as the months go by.

Check Your Shower Head

Since the shower is used every day, it’s necessary to know how much water the shower head is pumping out, and there is a rule of thumb for those who want to save on water usage. If a shower head can fill up a bucket of water within about 20 seconds, then it’s putting out too much water. The bucket used to test how much water is coming out of the shower head should be a gallon sized bucket. If your shower head fails the bucket challenge, then it’s a good idea to change to a shower head that is more conservative with water.

Collect Cool Water While Waiting For Hot Water

Even with a great water heater, water can be cool before it gets hot. If you’re waiting for very hot water to come out of the faucet, then don’t let the cool water go to waste. Collect the cool water to use on the houseplants that you may have on your San Mateo lawn, or put the water in the fridge to drink later.

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