Should I hire a plumber to remodel a kitchen?

Hiring a Plumber to Remodel a Kitchen – The Inexpensive Way

Kitchen RemodelingMost of the time when you hear the word “plumber” you get the willies. The word evokes thoughts of water overflowing from the toilet or the water heater. But in the case of remodeling, this is a professional that can really help, when remodeling your kitchen, a trained plumber will become your best friend.

While you can hire a general contractor to do the kitchen remodeling project, he is just going to oversee other contractors like the plumber, and to top it off, he is going to raise the price of the job by about 30% (his take home profit). Instead, you can beat the general contractor at his own game by hiring a plumber to do your plumbing remodeling job.

But just how do you find a plumbing contractor for your kitchen remodeling job?

Find a Reliable Plumber

This is the first step towards getting a reliable kitchen remodeling job done at an affordable price. Talk to your neighbors, especially those you now who have recently done some remodeling. Get names of plumbing professionals. Look for someone who wants more than an emergency repair, someone who is prepared to perform solid plumbing work and follow a work schedule and estimate.

Look for State Licensing

Call your state licensing office and see if the plumber you are considering hiring is licensed, or whether there are any unresolved complaints against him. Licensing means a plumber meets minimum requirements to maintain his license.

Know What You Want

Before you get an estimate from your plumber, know what you want. Draw out a rough plan so the plumber knows what kind of fixtures and piping you want.

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