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Should I use drain cleaning solutions to unclog my drain?

Reasons to Avoid Chemical Drain Cleaning Solutions to Unclog Your Drain


Clogged DrainA clogged drain is never a good thing for anybody to have, but this problem can be made worse if a person chooses to use chemical drain cleaning devices to fix their problem. Despite what many commercials claim, drain cleaning solutions are not the best way to clean drains, and they are not as safe as they claim they are. Drain cleaning solutions are also not guaranteed to work. Many people go to the store and buy these chemicals, and they pour the whole bottle down their drain without it having any effect on their problem. The most safe and efficient way to unclog a drain is through the services of a trained plumber.

After a person has poured one of these types of chemicals down their drain, the chemical usually starts to erode their pipes. The pipe erosion is caused by the acid that many of these chemical solutions have inside of them. If a person pours enough of a bad chemical down their pipes, it will eventually cause their pipes to weaken to the point where they are ineffective. The acid that is inside of drain cleaning solutions can also ruin the surface of anything else that it is poured on, so people who use this stuff can mess up their sinks and bathtubs by using it.

Once a person has poured cleaning solution down a drain, many people believe that the solution is all gone once it goes down the drain, because they don’t think about the fumes that these solutions leave behind. Many drain cleaning solutions are made with chemicals that a harmful to humans and animals if there are exhaled. These chemicals can also cause skin irritation.

Most cleaning solutions for drains are also extremely harmful to the environment. If any part of a cleaning solution gets inside of water, it can poison animals and people. If a person places a bottle of cleaning solution inside of their trash, and their trash gets taken to a landfill, if any residual solution is still inside of their bottle, it can easily seep into the ground, and once it is in the ground, it is not hard for it to get into a water supply. It is definitely be better to safely hire a technician in the field.

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