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Signs Your Home Needs To Be Repiped

Are your pipes up to date?


Burlingame Repiping

There are several signs that will tell a homeowner that there may be a problem with their pipes and that their home may need repiping. It is important to know what to look for before an even bigger problem occurs. One sign that your home may need to be repiped is the age of the house. If your house was built before 1988, you most likely have copper piping. Although copper piping can last a long time, it is considered a soft metal. If the water pressure coming from your faucets is lower than usual, it is a good idea to have your pipes evaluated by a professional.

If your drains are constantly getting clogged, that is a sign that you may need to have your home repiped. If you are using liquid drain cleaner often and suddenly it is not working, you should check the piping. You should also check your piping if you are using the drain cleaner and the clogs come back quickly. It is a good idea to check your water often. If you notice a little bit of brown water coming from your faucets or in your toilet bowl, it is a sign that there may be a problem with your piping.

If you notice leaks in your walls, that is a sign that there is definitely something wrong with your pipes. It is usually easy to spot water in the walls in the kitchen, however leaking in the bathroom is more difficult to see. The bathroom usually always has water on the walls so it is difficult to tell if there is a problem with the piping in your shower. If you notice any of these signs, you should call a professional to check out your piping. Although it may be very expensive to repipe your home, it will be even more expensive if the pipes burst and flood the house.

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