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Signs Your Water Heater Needs Maintenance

How is your water heater running?


Signs Your Water Heater Needs MaintenanceA water heater will normally last at least 10 years. When a water heater begins to have problems there are usually signs that occur before it completely gives out. The water heater does not always need to be replaced when things begin to go wrong. Sometimes basic maintenance and replacing a few key parts will be enough to get it running smoothly again. The following are some signs that your water heater may need maintenance.

The first sign that a water heater may need repaired or replaced is that the water just doesn’t heat up the way it has in the past. Not getting as hot as it used to or taking a very long time to heat up are both indications that there may be trouble with your water heater.

Rusty water is another sign that the water heater may need to be repaired. Along with rusty water, anything else in the water such as mud or sediment is an indication that the water heater needs to be checked. If the water is cloudy only when the hot water is running, the water heater probably has sediment built up inside that needs to be cleaned out. If the water smells or tastes funny it may be time to repair the water heater. This is especially true if the water has a metallic taste.

Loud, unexplained noises from any machine or appliance are almost always a bad sign. While some sounds and noises are normal, loud, sudden cracking noises are probably a sign that something is not working correctly. The biggest sign that there is a problem is water leaking from the tank. If unexplained water is coming out anywhere from the water heater it’s time to call someone to come in and examine the water heater.

Finally, if your water heater is more than ten years old it’s probably a good idea to get it checked out. Older water heaters are often not as efficient as newer ones and without proper maintenance you may be wasting money.

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