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Spring Into Action with Cleaning Tasks

Spring Plumbing Tips: Top 5 Tips for Cleaning Your Plumbing This Spring


San Mateo PlumberIf you are like most homeowners, you think about tasks like power washing the patio and steam cleaning your carpets when you think about spring cleaning your home. As plumbing professionals, we can assist you with your spring cleaning.

These are tasks that you may complete once or twice per year to keep your home in the best condition possible.

During your spring cleaning session, it is also important for you to pay attention to your plumbing features. Everything from your toilet to your faucets and even your hot water heater will benefit from periodic attention from you.

How Can You Service Your Hot Water Heater?

Your hot water heater is responsible for providing you with hot water that is used for everything from cooking and cleaning to bathing. Servicing your hot water heater periodically helps you to reduce the chance of repair issues and could extend its useful life.

With regular use, the components can get dirty, corroded or leaky. The best idea for servicing your hot water heater is to set up an appointment with your plumber as this process requires specialized skills and techniques.

Should You Clean Your Faucets?

When you clean your bathrooms and kitchen, you may wipe down the faucets to make them sparkle and shine. However, the interior of these features can also get dirty with regular use, and you should clean these features in order to keep them working well for you. To clean them thoroughly, you will need to remove the caps on the faucet heads. This is a process that a plumber can assist you with.

How Can You Spring Clean the Toilet?

Homeowners regularly clean their toilet when they clean the bathroom, but most cleaning efforts are focused on the interior of the bowl.

The tank that holds the fresh water actually needs to be cleaned periodically as well. Just as the interior of the hot water heater tank can get dirty, the same holds true for your toilet.

Cleaning the tank requires you to drain the tank of water and to thoroughly remove all build-up and matter from the tank. This San Mateo Spring Plumbingactually can help you to keep the toilet bowl cleaner with each flush, and a plumber can assist you with this process as well.

If you are preparing to spring clean your home, it is important that you spend some time focusing on your plumbing system as well as other areas of your home. A smart idea is to contact a plumber for assistance with your plumbing maintenance chores.

This will ensure that all of the efforts are completed properly, and it frees up your time to focus on other spring cleaning tasks that are on your list of things to do. Schedule your plumbing maintenance appointment today.

Spring is upon us, which means time to start your cleaning list for your San Mateo home. Give Caccia Plumbing Inc. a Call at (650) 376-6800, and get assistance on your Spring list!

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