Start to Keep up with the Trends for Your Bathroom

The Top 5 Bathroom Trends

San Mateo PlumberUpgrading your bathroom is one of the best ways to make your dated home feel new and fresh. Bathroom remodels can pay huge dividends in terms of increasing the value of your home.

Most homebuyers are looking for a bathroom to be a sanctuary as well as functional. The following are five of this year’s latest bathroom trends:

Color and Amenities:

Soft muted colors will give your bathroom a tranquil, spa-like ambiance. The most popular colors of 2015 are white, gray, and lilacs.

Classic color combinations such as black and white also remain very popular. Homeowners are also opting for amenities such as heated floors and anti-fog mirrors to turn their bathrooms into a relaxing retreat.

Soaking Tubs:

The traditional tub and shower insert is fading in popularity. More homeowners are opting for freestanding showers and separate soaking tubs to add an extra touch of elegance. Showers are also becoming more luxurious with features such as benches, ambient lighting, and steam options.

Contemporary Lines:

Cozy charm is making way for modern elegance and glamor. Clean, modern, almost minimalist lines are popular bathroom design choices this year. Open, floating shelving and innovative storage to eliminate vanity clutter can give a bathroom a modern vibe.

Granite is still a popular choice for bathroom counters; however, homeowners are beginning to look to others options. Durable quartz countertops are expected to be a hot trend for 2015. The idea of a unique statement sink is still popular; however, more homeowners are turning from vessel sinks to under-mounted trough sinks to create a more contemporary design.

San Mateo Bathroom-TrendsEfficiency:

Going green is a big bathroom trend for 2015. In addition to contemporary lines, many homeowners are opting for eco-friendly choices such as dual-flush toilets, low-flow shower heads, and sustainable materials for flooring and cabinets.

Open Spaces:

The majority of homebuyers are looking for open-concept homes. This preference for wide-open spaces is affecting bathroom design as well.

Bathrooms, in general, are becoming larger with features such as sitting areas and larger windows. Frameless glass shower doors, open shelving, and leggy vanities without under sink storage continue to gain favor.

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