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Steps To Take In Case Of A Plumbing Emergency In Burlingame, CA

Are you prepared for a plumbing emergency?


Burlingame Emergency PlumberA plumbing emergency is one where a pipe springs a leak, an elbow joint simply pops off or the toilet cracks right off the base and water starts gushing everywhere. You need to think and act quickly when you are staring a plumbing emergency in the face. You know you need to move fast so that you can protect your home and get the situation resolved.

The first thing is to find the shut off valve for the area. This means turning off the water supply that leads to the broken faucet, toilet, shower, tub or pipe. You then need to quickly go to the main valve which is located where the main water line for your house is located and turn that off as well. This is a double protection measure so that no one uses water and potentially causes another leak or break to occur sue to excess pressure building up in the lines.

You then need to start moving items out of the way. Take everything on floors and walls out of the room or area being impacted. if the leak is severe and water is filling up on a room or basement, you need to move all items to a higher floor in the home or on top of furniture. If need be, wear rubber boots and use a wooden stick to shut off the power to the house if the water flow is fast and furious and threatens to impact outlets or appliances.

The first call you need to make after making those quick fixes is to an emergency plumber that can come and fix your plumbing issue in a complete and timely manner. You can then walk around and take pictures of the damage and call your insurance agent once you know the right team of professionals is on hand and working on the problem.

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