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Stink in the Sink? Time for a Garbage Disposal

Top Ten Reasons to Install a Garbage Disposal


San Mateo PlumberWhen you think of keeping a neat and tidy kitchen, perhaps one of the most important mechanical helpers you can have is the garbage disposal. There are three main ways in which a disposal can benefit your home and family. These include providing convenience, cost savings, and environmental benefits.


1) Garbage disposals offer the ultimate way to easily get rid of your food scraps. You merely run the water into the side of the sink housing your disposal, turn the disposal switch on, and scrape the waste from your plates into the hole, being sure to keep your fingers away from the underlying blade, of course. Viola! Your meal clean-up is easily halfway completed.

2) When you use a garbage disposal, you save yourself many trips to the curb with heavy garbage bags.

3) You don’t have to make two trips to different parts of the kitchen to dispose of food, as both the scraping and the washing can be done at one spot.

Cost Savings

4) You save money due to purchasing fewer garbage bags.

5) You save time when you can get rid of your food scraps right from your sink.

6) You save money on potential plumbing repairs by having an effective means for minimizing the bulk of your food wastes that go down the drain by accident. When you actively use the disposal, you keep your plumbing safe.

Environmental Benefits

7) You reduce landfill waste- as the garbage disposal shreds and grinds your food waste with water and pushes all through your plumbing system.

8) You increase kitchen hygiene cutting down on odors and temptation and breeding grounds for insects and other pests.

San Mateo Garbage Disposal Services9) You contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases by eliminating some of the trips by garbage trucks to the landfill, which means less methane production and harm to the environment.

10) You reduce mess and the chance of garbage spilling from trash cans or being a temptation to your pets.

Garbage disposals also increase the resale value of your home. Plus, they are easily and economically maintained by simply cleaning them with lemon juice, baking soda, water, and vinegar periodically, and sharpening the blades simply by running a tray of ice cubes through it on occasion.

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