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Stop That Odor From Stinking Up Your Kitchen!

Garbage Disposal


San Mateo PlumberThe cold hard truth is that kitchen drains smell. When the individual owns a garbage disposal, this can also cause some pretty rancid smells to come from the kitchen drain. There are a number of do it yourself remedies, but these are only temporary at best and will end up frustrating the individual because the bad smells will return.

What Can a Plumber Do to Get Rid of it?

One of the first things that the plumbing professional can do to rid the drain and disposal of bad smells is use a snake. This will rid the area of loose particles of food and growing bacteria in the region. In turn, this will get rid of many of the odors that one does not want there.

The next step that the plumber can take in order to rid the disposal of weird smells is to remove all of the sludge. We all know that this substance build up on the sides and blades of the disposal, but it also builds up in the plumbing lines as well. The plumber will have the tools to diagnose how deeply into the plumbing system the sludge goes, and also have the equipment to get it sparkling clean once again.

What Shouldn’t I Put into My Disposer?

The list of do not put in the garbage disposal can seem lengthy, but there are very valid reasons why some items should find their way to the composter or garbage instead of the disposal. One very good reason is that the person does not want to have to spend all their cash on an emergency plumber visit. Here is a list of some of the biggest no-nos.

  • Coffee grounds
  • grease
  • Pits and Seeds
  • Rice
  • Pasta
  • Bones
  • Eggshells

Garbage DisposalTo start, grease can harden and clog the workings of the disposal so try to make sure it is fully removed from dishes before rinsing them.

Rice and pasta serve as huge culprits because as they become wet, they swell. This means that they can get entangled with blades and cause malfunctions.

Eggshells tend to wrap around the blades and make the disposal less efficient. While bones can fracture and even jam up the workings of the machine.

Many would think that coffee grounds are ok, but in reality they get caught in the trap of the disposal and clog things up.

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