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Take Better Care of Your Garbage Disposal

3 Tips to Have a Better Functioning Garbage Disposal this Fall Season

A garbage disposal is one of those household appliances that is easy to overlook in terms of importance until it breaks or develops problems. You may simply turn the disposal on as needed, funnel your food waste into it and not give the device a second thought until something happens to it that prevents you from using it as needed.

However, when it does develop issues, you can easily feel inconvenienced or worse. By following a few important maintenance and usage tips, you can improve its function and decrease the chance of downtime due to a full breakdown.

Chandler Garbage DisposalPay Attention to the Waste You Put Into It

Your garbage disposal is designed to grind up many different types of food waste, but some types of foods are simply not appropriate for use with it. For example, watermelon rinds and potato peels can easily clog or back-up the drain.

They can also make the blades dull and decrease how effective it is. Some types of food waste can even burn out the motor and decrease the life of your equipment. Take time to learn which foods are and are not suitable for use with your garbage disposal for the best results.

Grind Up Fresh-Smelling Citrus Fruit

You can also grind up various types of citrus fruit to clean your garbage disposal. A garbage disposal can easily develop a foul smell with regular use, and this is particularly true if you do not run clean water through it for a period of time after each use to rinse the blades.

Citrus fruit is acidic in nature, and it can naturally clean the blades. More than that, it can improve the smell of the garbage disposal and leave your home with a fresh scent.

Sharpen Your Blades With Ice

Another smart idea is to run ice through the garbage disposal periodically. Blades can become dull with regular use, and this can decrease how finely the food waste is chopped and pulverized. When you run ice through the garbage disposal periodically, you can naturally sharpen the blades and help your equipment to work more efficiently and effectively.

These are all helpful tips to help you care for your garbage disposal this season and for all seasons to come. If you find that your garbage disposal is not functioning properly, it is best to schedule repair or replacement service as soon as possible with a plumbing company.

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