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The Key to Winterizing Your San Mateo, CA Home

Top 5 Tips for Winterizing Your Home

Whether you live in Duluth, Minnesota, or Austin, Texas, thoroughly preparing your home for the winter is a sound move. The good news is that home winterization needn’t be a complicated or time-consuming hassle. Make sure to do the following before the mercury dips to ensure that the winter months don’t make your home uncomfortable or potentially dangerous.

San Mateo, CA Winterization TipsIdentify and Seal Exterior Leaks

First off, verify that your San Mateo home’s interior is shielded from the elements. An infrared thermal leak detector will help you to identify problem areas around windows and doors. Seal up entryways with caulk and use plastic sheeting to retain heat. If you have a crawlspace, check for gaps under the house.

Improve the Insulation Situation

Within the average home, the attic is the biggest culprit when it comes to unnecessary heat loss. Use some heavy duty R-23 or even R-30 insulation between the rafters to prevent heat from escaping through the roof. While you’re at it, a radiant barrier stapled in beneath said insulation will work wonders.

Clean and Tune Your Heat Source

Before you fire up the furnace or wood stove, it’s critical that you dust off the cobwebs. Change any filters that are dirty, have oils swapped out and make sure that a licensed heating professional signs off on your HVAC infrastructure. Cleaning out ducts, vents and chimneys is a requirement.

Prepare Pipes for Low Temperatures

Those of us that live in frigid climates know how important it is to keep an eye on pipe health. At a bare minimum, make sure that pipes running through exterior walls are heavily insulated. If you can, stress test your pipes to identify weak spots that might burst during cold snaps.

Plan for Unexpected Power Outages

Sooner or later, the power will go out in your area due to a strong storm. Having a backup source of electricity and heat will ensure that you can ride out the situation without damage to your home. Put in a wood stove in the basement if you rely on oil or gas and buy a generator just in case.

It Ain’t Rocket Science, Folks

It doesn’t take an experienced contractor to prepare a home for winter. Attention to detail and the use of the appropriate materials during the winterization process will guarantee positive results. When in doubt, consult an expert for their advice and follow it to the letter.

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