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The Usual Issues When Remodeling Your Bathroom

Common Bathroom Problems During a Remodel


San MateoThere are many problems that can occur when remodeling a bathroom. Most of the issues are hidden and can only be discovered by a trained professional. Most plumbing defects are hidden behind the walls and beneath floors.

To avoid having to remodel a bathroom twice, a homeowner should inspect the plumbing system prior to doing any building or construction. Here are some things to consider before investing thousands of dollars into remodeling a tub or shower:

Think About Quotes Later

When hiring a contractor, they will often want to throw out a quote early on in a consultation. It is up to the potential customer to ignore quotes that are given early and have the contractor do an initial inspection before considering remodeling.

Get an inspection of the pipes to see if they need to be upgraded. If the house is very old, the cast-iron drain systems may need to be replaced. These type of pipes often rot from the inside out, so the inside of the pipes should be inspected.

A skilled professional will often tap the outside of the pipes with a screwdriver to listen for a different tone. If a different tone is heard, then there may be a build-up of solids in the pipe and will need to be replaced or repaired.

When A Shower Or Tub Should Be Replaced and Codes To Consider

The shower and tub may need to be replaced if there are issues with the pipes. In most cases, it is simply a personal choice of the homeowner whether they want to have a new shower or tub. If the homeowner wants to have a different measurement (or a new look), they should consider calling a skilled contractor to handle the job. Before remodeling a shower, it is important to adhere to state codes.

Bathroom RemodelingOne of the codes require a minimum of 18 inches of crawlspace headroom. This is to give the contractor or homeowner enough room to work on the pipes. Contractors should also take note of joist depth. Older buildings may have a complex piping system, making it harder to disassemble pipes.

Adding extra pipes can prove to be difficult in small crawl spaces. There are also modern codes that will not allow contractors to modify joists, which will make installation a difficult process.

In order to upgrade fixtures and appliances the vents may need to be upgraded. These are all things to consider before remodeling a shower or tub.

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