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Time to Get Ready for Summer

5 Summer Plumbing Tips

San Mateo PlumberThough you don’t have to worry about your pipes freezing in the summer, there are some other plumbing issues that often pop up during the summer.

Here are five tips for preventing those problems and dealing with them if they do happen.

Take Care of your Sprinklers

Your sprinkler system gets a lot of use during the summer, so you want to make sure you take care of it. Check the lines feeding into your system periodically to ensure there are no clogs or blockages.

You also want to periodically check your sprinkler heads to make sure they are in working order and not damaged.

Inspect your Sump Pump

Summertime brings heavy rains to many parts of the country, and a sump pump in good working order can mean the difference between a dry basement and a wet one.

You should inspect your sump pump every few weeks to make sure the pit is clear of debris and that the unit is working. Also make sure that the drain line drains outside and not into a floor drain inside the house.

Watch for Sewer Line Backups

Heavy summer rains can also cause sewer lines to back up as debris gets in from flooding rains. In addition, tree roots can infiltrate your system and clog pipes. Though you likely can’t inspect your system, you can watch for warning signs.

If your toilet constantly backs up or if multiple drains are clogged or drain slowly and chemical drain clearing solutions don’t do the trick, you may have a problem in your sewer line, and you will need to call a plumber to inspect it.

San Mateo Summer-Plumbing-TipsBe Careful with your Garbage Disposal

Summertime often means grilling and cookouts, and it also can mean things get put down the garbage disposal that shouldn’t be.

You need to make sure you don’t put any bones, large chunks of meat or things like corn cobs down your disposal. Doing so could cause a clog and damage your disposal.

Pay Attention to Condensation Drains

If your heating and cooling system has a drain for condensation, you will want to be sure it is clear and operating properly.

Your system is likely to generate a lot more condensation during the summer, so that’s when you are likely to encounter a problem.

Looking for more insight on summer plumbing tips for your San Mateo home? Call Caccia Plumbing at (650) 376-6800 today, and see what works for you!

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