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10 Ways to Upgrade the Look and Feel of Your Bathroom


The bathroom can be difficult to update because so many of the key features are built into the space. Generally, simply repainting the walls and replacing furniture is not an option for realizing results, as it may be for other rooms in the home.

More significant effort will be required to replace built-in features in the bathroom, and you can work with a plumber for many of the improvements you need to make.

Bathtub Remodeling Ideas

In an older home, the bathtub in your bathroom can easily be an eyesore. It may be dented or dinged, not stylish and even an attractive color, and paying attention to this feature while remodeling is a necessity. Remodeling it may be as easy as re-glazing its surface.

However, you may also want to replace the bathtub altogether. A plumber can help you to replace it with a desired new model. You may choose a bathtub style that meets your needs. Be creative, and consider options like a whirlpool tub or a claw foot bathtub. There are also unique materials that may be used, such as hammered copper.

Shower Remodeling Ideas

Your plumber can also assist you in remodeling your shower. For example, after you have enlarged it and resurfaced the basin, you may want to replace the faucet and shower head.

Look for a low-flow shower head, and consider adding multiple heads for a more invigorating bathing experience. Look for a stylish new knob that has an attractive finish that you love. These changes can transform your shower with beautiful results.

Vanity Improvement Tips

You should also focus on improving your vanity. After you have selected a lovely new counter material, your plumber can help you to create the finished look you want with the installation of the sink and faucets. Sinks can be under mount styles, basin styles or bowl styles.

San Mateo Bathroom RemodelingFaucets may have a designer finish or a special flow style. For example, a cascading flow can look amazing in an upgraded bathroom. Your plumber can install any of these features that you have selected.

Updating your bathroom may not be an easy job, but you can count on your skilled plumber to assist you with the installation of many of the features you want.

You simply have to select the features that you want installed, and your plumber will install them for you. Contact a plumber today about your remodeling plans.

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