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Water Heater Regulations to Look Out For

What are the 3 Main Water Heater Regulations? And Why are They Important?

With a renewed emphasis on energy efficiency, the United States Department of Energy enacted mandates that will aim to make water heaters sold in the United States and Canada much more efficient in terms of how much energy is used by them to heat water.

However, in doing so, many people in San Mateo and abroad have questions regarding their current water heaters and what will be involved in purchasing future water heaters in the years ahead. To answer these and other questions, here are some of the most important regulations and why they are so important to consumers, manufacturers, and many others as well.

San Mateo, CA water-heater-servicesWhich Heaters are Affected?

While some people believe all water heaters will be affected by these regulations, that’s not the case. In fact, only heaters manufactured after April 16, 2015 will be required to meet the new energy standards.

However, this does apply to all types of heaters, such as gas, electric, oil, and propane water heaters. Compared to current models of water heaters, the new energy efficiency regulations will translate into increases between 3-30 percent for most residential water heaters.

Are Tankless Water Heaters Affected?

For people who have tankless water heaters already installed in their homes, they have nothing to worry about. That’s because the vast majority of these water heaters already have energy efficiency ratings of .82 or higher, putting them well above the government regulations.

Will Prices Increase Due to the Regulations?

Unfortunately, while it’s expected consumers will eventually see some savings in their monthly water usage bills, in the short term they will have to pay more for a new water heater. Based on the regulations, manufacturers are expected to have to redesign production lines, incurring additional expenses for themselves.

Naturally, those costs will be passed on to the consumer. While it’s been hard to predict just how much of an increase people can expect, the Department of Energy estimates the average water heater customer will pay about $100 more for a water heater that meets or exceeds the new regulations.

Custom Installations May be Needed

In some cases where the newer and larger water heaters can no longer be installed in their usual space, San Mateo homeowners may have to build new areas for their heaters. This is due not only to the tank’s size, but also the additional venting or other systems that may need to be put in place prior to the tank’s operation.

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