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Ways to Avoid the Plumbing Dangers

The 3 Most Dangerous Household Plumbing Mistakes

San Mateo Plumber-1Today, homeowners always look to themselves first and foremost to fix up any plumbing issues in the house.

While this may sound fine in theory, homeowners have a tendency of making dangerous household plumbing mistakes. Check out three of the most commons ones and how to avoid them altogether below:

1. Mismatching Your Pipes

A lot of times when homeowners notice minor water leaks, they decide to fix it themselves.

They see that the leak is coming from right under a sink or in a basement and it doesn’t seem like a big deal. However, when replacing a leaky pipe, you have to pick the right one.

Too many individuals choose the wrong size or type and try to make the right size fit with the wrong connectors. Remember, just because pipes seem fastened that doesn’t always mean that they’ll actually grasp the water.

To avoid this issue, always check and then check again the kind of pipe as well as connector that is recommended for your project.

2. Not Turning Off the Water

If a pipe starts leaking or you don’t have a lot of time on your hands, it can be easy to forget to shut off the water. It doesn’t matter how small the repair is or where in the house the repair is needed, make sure to always shut off the water before even trying to do a repair.

Forgetting to shut off water lines can mean everything from a huge spill on the floor to pipe damage. To avoid this issue, always think before you act. You may even need to create a plumbing checklist for your job so that you never forget.

San Mateo Dangerous-Plumbing3. Not Hiring a Professional Plumber

While there may be some small plumbing problem that you can easily do yourself, when it comes to a major repair you need to leave it to the professionals.

If any problem seems way beyond your skill set, requires you to go into the main water lines or means breaking into walls, you need to hire a plumber.

While this will cost you some money, it’s much better to pay this than cause extra damage to your plumbing systems. To avoid this kind of plumbing issue, you need to call up a plumber right away.

Don’t waste time by trying to tackle the problem at hand yourself. Hiring a plumber will save you a lot of trouble and ultimately time and money.

Don’t get mixed up in a serious plumbing issue in your San Mateo home. Call Caccia Plumbing Inc. at (650) 376-6800 today, and have the professionals clean up that mess.

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