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What Is A Slab Leak?

Do you have a slab leak?

Burlingame Slab Leak RepairA slab leak is a leak that occurs within the slab of a home, which is on top of the home’s foundation. Water seepage, either due to high water pressure or deteriorating pipelines can cause the slab leaks to form. A slab leak should be repaired as soon as signs start to become apparent; otherwise, it could result in damage to the home’s foundation.The repairing of a slab leak is most commonly done by professionals, as it can sometimes be an extensive process. The sooner a slab leak is repaired, the sooner the foundation can be repaired, if it was damaged. The typical process of a slab leak repair entails not only patching the slab flooring, but also consists of repairing pipelines, if applicable.

Because copper pipelines tend to corrode over time, a professional plumbing technician who specializes in slab leaks may remove the pipeline, apply an epoxy to repair it, and then re-connect the pipeline to the water system.

Most commonly slab leaks occur in between the slab and the foundation of the home, or they can also occur within the slab itself due to fractured pipelines. When the pipelines fracture, minuscule cracks form which leads to water being forced out; this causes the slab of the home to slowly start to form larger cracks and begin to corrode.

Once the slab of the home starts corroding, water can also start to flood into a home and can cause damages along with mold growth. Besides the slab, the home’s foundation can also buckle due to the increased stress of the water leaks and deterioration from the slab.

Some signs to look for include a high water bill and leaks from pipelines throughout the home, as well as leaking appliances. Oftentimes when a leak has occurred, there will also be noticeable noises, and possibly even distinct plumbing odors.

Following these sounds and odors will lead the homeowner to the area where the slab leaks are occurring. Once noticed, the individual should consult with professional plumbing services that are capable of repairing the slab leak.

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