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What Is Hydrojetting & What Are Its Benefits?

What Are The Benefits Of Hydrojetting?


HydrojettingThe process of hydrojetting is a plumbing technique used to blast debris from inside sewer lines. The water that is sprayed from the spray nozzle can reach over 4,000 psi, enough to not only break free anything stuck in the lines, but powerful enough to cut through tree roots that may have breached the lines. If you are experiencing any issues with your sewer lines, your local plumbing contractor can do an inspection and utilize the power of hydrojetting to clear all the line.

Hydrojetting Damaging Roots

It doesn’t take much for tree roots to do significant damage to a sewer line. The roots are on a constant search for water, and can penetrate the seams in the sewer line with little effort. One the tip of the root has gained access inside the root, it will grow to the point it causes a blockage inside the line. The hydrojetting process is used to blast the tree root into pieces and free up the lines once again. Minor repairs may be needed to close the hole where the root came through, but the majority of it will have been broken up and removed.

Hydrojetting Grease Buildup

Restaurants usually try to contain and recycle as much grease in traps as they can. This doesn’t mean that no grease can still get in the sewer lines where it can cause significant problems. Once the grease sits in the sewer line, it will harden and accumulate other contaminants each day. It doesn’t take much for those particles to become rock hard and cause trouble with the flow of water. Your local plumbing professional will utilize the extreme high pressure of the hydrojetting system to blast all those particles from inside the sewer line. Since only water is used, no harsh chemicals will contaminate anything in the restaurant.

San Mateo PlumberHydrojetting Assorted Debris

It is a good idea to schedule a routine inspection and cleaning of your sewer lines at home. This will not only extend the life of the lines, it will reduce the likelihood that any blockages will occur in the near future. The hydrojetting will keep the inside walls of the sewer line spotless, allowing the flow of water to move without issue to the curb. This powerful cleaning process is more effective than chemical cleaners or using a power snake. The end results are long lasting and save for the environment.

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