What steps should I take in case of a plumbing emergency?

How to Handle a Plumbing Emergency


Burlingame PlumberPlumbing problems don’t always occur when it’s convenient. They might happen when you have to go to work, you want to go to bed, or you have dozens of relatives in from out of town. The key to handling any emergency is being prepared. It’s a good idea to have the contact information for a licensed, 24 hour plumbing service with your emergency numbers. All plumbers are not open on weekends and at night. They do not all serve the same area. Some companies may work either commercial or residential plumbing.

An important thing to consider when you have a plumbing problem is whether it is in your home or the community. Sometimes with plumbing problems, it could be a break in the main line. Call your water company to see if there are any lines down that could affect your area. These problems occur with heavy rain and construction. They may cause no water or dirty water.

For other plumbing problems, turn off the water to prevent damage. It is possible that you can turn it off inside. You may have to turn the main water off outside. This will not only prevent damage but may also save on your water bill. If you do have to turn off the main water and the plumber is not coming that day, you may want to turn off the hot water heater too. You don’t need the heating element running without water.

Assess the type of plumbing problem. This may save you some time. If the plumber has an idea what they are coming for, it will help them bring the right tools when they come. Notice as much about your problem as possible and be descriptive when you call the plumber. They may be able to give you a price range before they come if they know what it is. Pricing won’t always be the case for major repairs but some emergencies are routine for plumbers. It’s not too late to find a dependable, licensed plumber to help you make your pipes and fixtures last as long as possible.

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Angelo from Caccia repaired a gas line leak under our house today. He was very knowledgeable, personable and took the time to explain our plumbing needs as well as other observations about our home. I also appreciated that he explained the entire process of this repair from beginning to end, shared how and why he was conducting pressure tests and provided the results of the pressure test to me. I was surprised to learn we were losing 4 lbs of pressure per minute!

Caccia's price was a little higher than another quote I got, but the work was thorough, honest and I can sleep well tonight knowing the leak was repaired same day. Angelo basically treated our home like his own.

Update 2016. Still LOVE these guys. Have you ever hugged a plumber? I did today. We had a major clog in our sewage pipes that two other plumbers couldn't clear. These guys cleared it in an hour and install a new toilet. Tyrone and Ruben were so considerate, kept me updated on the progress and just did a great job. Very professional but personable. Thank you Caccia!