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When was the Last Time you had Your Water Heater Serviced?

Annual Maintenance: A Must for Water Heaters

A water heater is a crucial appliance at home and easily neglected after it is installed. It could make you take a cold shower in the morning after it fails. Therefore, it is a good idea to learn the importance of maintaining your heater annually not only to prevent surprise cold showers but also to do the following:

San Mateo Annual Plumbing Maintenance Services1. INCREASE EFFICIENCY AND LONGEVITY

With time, effectiveness and durability of water heaters can deteriorate without proper maintenance. Sediment buildup and corrosion break down the boiler. Sediment buildup is as a result of minerals in the water that are heated and precipitated out to form the deposit. The ugly grunge weakens heating action and reduces the life of the heater. In steel tank water heaters, corrosion occurs after the anode that protects the tank from rusting is corroded and ineffective.


A heater can use up to 15 percent of domestic energy. Sediments that build up at the bottom of the tank and pipes that are not well insulated cause heat losses to the heater. Furthermore, increasing the household energy immensely. Leaking pipes result in more water being used up. These factors combined make the heater use more energy and water that reflects on your bills.


Water heaters can blow up and cause misfortunes. Water heaters contain a temperature and pressure relief valve that releases water when there is excess temperature or pressure in the tank. The improper functioning of the relief valve can cause the tank to blow up causing mayhem in the house. An annual maintenance service can check the heater’s temperature and pressure levels to prevent adversities.


Excessive corrosion, sediment buildup, and leaking pipes can lead to costly failures of the system halting production of hot water. In such an event, the whole heating network needs to be replaced. High costs of replacement from new equipment to hiring plumbing experts can generate significant losses.

A local San Mateo maintenance service can solve every issue in your boiler and save you a lot of money. It can help you achieve environment-friendly goals of saving energy and using water efficiently. You no longer have to take surprise cold showers in the morning or after a grueling day.

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