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Why is it taking so long for the water in my home to heat up?

Signs Your Water Heater Needs Maintenance


Burlingame Water HeaterA water heater is an appliance in which we use practically every day so it must remain in great condition. If the unit is electric or gas, they are usually quiet and reliable. A water heater can last for years as long as you care for it properly. There are signs to watch for which indicate that the water heater may need maintenance. If you do see problematic signs, lingering in having the unit examined by a professional can cause more damage to the tank and surrounding floor and walls.

A very common sign indicating possible maintenance is when the water does not turn hot as quickly as it once did or if it simply does not turn hot. If the temperature outside is turning colder when this happens, it could be that you must turn up the setting on the water heater tank. Occasionally colder outside temperatures can require the water heater to upkeep the same temperature that it was using during the warmer months. If turning the setting higher does not help, then you might need a new water heater unit.

Another sign to become aware of is if you notice a leak on the floor below the tank. If there is a tiny drip, you could try repairing the leak. Keep in mind however that sometimes a leak at the seam can be caused by rust or damage and it may prove difficult to fix yourself. If the leak is caused by a seam leak, you may need some repairs in the near future. You do have the option to patch up the leak, but be sure that the patch does not eventually fall off. If you have it patched up, be sure to have a professional do it so you can hopefully avoid more damage and repairs.

If the unit is one that you have had for a number of years, it might be that you simply are in need of a new water heater. Having a new heater can assist with its overall efficiency and perhaps save you some money on your monthly utility bills.

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