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Why Is My Faucet Dripping?

Leaky Faucet Problems

Faucet RepairDripping faucets are a common, but annoying problem to have. If you’re a light sleeper, there’s nothing quite like the constant drip of a faucet that you can’t seem to completely shut off. Water stains resulting from mineral build up due to the steady drip can cause cosmetic damage to sinks. It’s often a hard task to figure out why your faucet is expelling this excess water, but don’t overlook a leaky faucet for too long. You can save time and money by having a professional conduct a faucet repair. However, here are few hints to help you diagnose the problem, in case you want to get a better understanding of how the leak came about in the first place.

One of the most common reason for a drippy faucet is a well worn cartridge or damaged seals. All faucets have cartridges which help to seal in remaining water after the valve is shut off.Seals, usually made of rubber, can wear down easily over time. Replacing a faulty leak cartridge is easy. Simply remove the old one, and then drive down to your local hardware stores for a replacement cartridge. Depending on the model of your cartridge, these are usually easy to install yourself.

Sometimes water pressure is to blame. Faucets rely on a certain amount of water pressure in order to work efficiently. Faucets that only drip for a certain period of time are usually found to have this problem. Water pressure can prevent water from flowing correctly, causing a leak at an inappropriate point. This is often a harder problem to remedy than a broken cartridge, and may be indicative of more serious problems with plumbing.

One of the more complicated problems to cause leaky faucets are broken pipes. Damaged or broken pipes contribute to leaky faucets by throwing off water pressure, and creating water back-up in unnecessary places. Pipes run underground and are subjected to temperatures that can cause shrinkage in materials. This can create cracks in the pipes overtime. Cracks can also cause issues with water pressure. Broken pipes are not easy to diagnose by one’s self, and if you suspect that your plumbing is the problem, it’s easier to call a professional for this type of troubleshooting.

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