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Why is my garbage disposal not working?

Reasons Why Your Garbage Disposal Gets Jammed


Burlingame Garbage-Disposal-ServicesIf you’re a homeowner, chances are you know there could be some problems that might arise. If you’re handy and know how to fix these problems, you can save some money. However, there are some problems that need professional attention in order to work properly once again.

If you’re wondering why your garbage disposal is getting jammed, there may be a reason for it. One reason could be that a fuse was blown. Check your home’s electrical panel to see if there isn’t a blown fuse or accidental breaker trip.

An overheated motor could be another reason your garbage disposal isn’t working correctly. To check the motor, you need to first turn off the motor for safety reasons. Once the motor’s off, you can reach your hand into the disposal. If it’s warm, the motor might be overheated, so it’s best to let it cool itself off before resetting it. On most units, the reset button is located on the bottom of the disposal. If it makes noise, the garbage disposal is now fixed.

Another reason could be that there are dirty impeller blades. This can happen if the impeller blades have rust or mineral deposits built up on them. In order to clean these impeller blades, you can try flushing out the garbage disposal with hot, white vinegar. If this doesn’t work, another method that might work better is a mixture of white vinegar and baking soda.

Your garbage disposal might have a jammed flywheel. A jammed flywheel can be caused by overloading the disposal or depositing incorrect items such as bottle caps and other plastic objects down the disposal. Sometimes you can remove the clog or blocked object by shutting off the power and putting your hand down the disposal, but sometimes the clog might be deeper. In this case, you may need to call in a professional plumber to help remove the clog and help make your garbage disposal working properly again.

There are many different things that can cause your garbage disposal from jamming up. While some homeowners are able to fix these problems on their own, sometimes it’s best left up to a professional to fix it for you. It’ll save you some time and headache from trying to figure it out on your own.

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